Stamp Issues completed to date
Year Issue
1984 Ascension Island Trees
  Seychelles Famous Visitors to the Islands
1985 Falkland Islands Construction of the new airport
  Ascention Islands Girl Guides
  Malawi Halleys Comet
  Solomon Islands Operation Raliegh
  Samoa Halleys Comet
1986 Microneasia The pirate Bully Hays
  Trinidad Boy Scouts
  Tristan Da Chunha Norwegian scientific Expedition
  Samoa Presidents
  Tristan DaChunha Whaling in the 18th Century
1987 Mauritius Anniversary of the Central Bank
  St Lucia Mapping
  Solomon Islands boat building
  Western Samoa Aerograme
1988 Belize Tapia
  Tristan Da Chunha Augustus Earle F.D.C.
  Mauritius 150th Anniversary
  Bahamas Abolition of Slavery
  Samoa Christmas stamps
  Christmas Island
  Bahamas Humming Birds
  Seychelles Orchids
1989 Cayman Islands Mapping
  Christmas Island Abbotts Booby (WWF)
1990 Kenya National Health Insurance
  St Helena Communications
  Bermuda Transport IV Carriages
  Pitcairn Island Bicentenary 1790 - 1990
  Seychelles Orchids III
  British Antarctic Territory Dinosaurs
  Bermuda World War II
  Solomon Islands 9th South Pacific Games
1991 Barbados Freemasons
  St Helena Motorcycles
  Falkland Islands Cathedral Anniversary
  Ascention Island Wideawake Airfield
  South Georgia 10th Anniversary of Liberation
1992 Falkland Islands 10th Anniversary of Liberation
  St Helena 10th Anniversary of Liberation
  Ascension Island 10th Anniversary of Liberation
  Bermuda Colombus Anniversary
  British Antarctic Territory Atmospheric Phenomenon
  Trindad & Tobago Anniversarys
  Falkland Islands Q.E.II.
1993 Bahamas 20th Anniversary of Independence
  Mauritius Anniversary of Air Mauritius
  Ascension Island Flowers
  Bermuda Anniversary of Hamilton
  Falkland Islands Tourism
  Mauritius Communications
  Ascension Island Christmas Stamps
  Dubia Dubia Ports Authority
  Indian Ocean Territory Flowers
  Barbados Aquatic Dinosaurs
  Ascension Island Aquatic Dinosaurs
  St Helena FDC. Ships
  Falkland Islands Transporting Peat
  St Kitts Aquatic Dinosaurs
1994 Belize Orchids
  Mauritius Anniversarys
  Kiribati Flowers
  Solomon Islands Dolphins
  Indian Ocean Territory Sharks
  Malawi Ships
  Jamiaca Butterflys
  Fiji Endemic Palm Tree
1995 Pitcairn Island Anniversary of Marconi
  Solomon Islands Volcanoes
  Tristan Da Chuna Aquatic Dinosaurs
  St Helena Harpers Earth Dam
  Kiribati The Environment
  Mauritius Lighthouses
  Liberia Orchids of Africa
  British Antarctic Territory Geological Structures
  Bahamas Aids
  South Georgia Yachts
  Cayman Islands Queen Mothers Birthday
  Solomon Islands Anniverary of Marconi
  Fiji Anniversary of Marconi
1996 Bahamas Anniversary of Marconi
  Kiribati Unesco
  Bermuda Lighthouses
  St Helena Anniversary of Marconi
  Samoa Festival of the Moon
  Seychelles Paradise Flycatcher
  W.W.F. Fdc Paradise Flycatcher
  Cayman Islands Diffinitive
  Barbados Links with Canada (Air Canada)
  Pitcairn Island Year of the Ox
  Samoa E.U meeting souvenir sheet
  Fiji Anniversary of Nandi Airport
  Tristan Da Chunha Lobster fishing
  St Helena Christmas issue
  Bahamas Archives
  Mauritius Petits Metiere
  St Helena Endemic Plants
  Barbados Dogs
1997 Belize Howler Monkeys
  Liberia Animals of Africa
  Barbados Sea Shells
  Golden Wedding Anniversary of Queen Elizebeth II 24 Countries involved
  W.W.F. Fdc Howler Monkeys
  Mauritius Transport
  British Antarctic Territory History of Mapping
  Bermuda Schools striving for excellence
  Falkland Islands Fire Engines
  W.W.F. Fdc Antillean Iguana
  Mauritius Waterfalls
  Bahamas Disney Castaway Cay
  Bahamas Halfmoon Cay
1998 W.W.F. New Caladonia Kagu
  Belize 50th Anniversarys
  Barbados Tourism
  Barbados 50th Anniversary of U.W.I.
  Bahamas Maritime History
  Ascension Island Christmas
  Falkland Islands 50th Anniversary of FIGAS
  Cayman Islands Wildlife Heritage
  British Indian Ocean Territory Whales & Dolphins
  British Virgin Islands Anniversarys
  W.W.F. Fdc Dorcas Gazzel
1999 Mauritius Through Artists Eyes
  Mauritius Sugar Chimneys
  Kiribati Duks
  Crown Agents 12 countries moon landing omnibus issue
  British Antarctic Territory Discoveries
  WWF Crabs Cocos Island
  Barbados Places Diffinitve
  Cayman Islands KY2
  WWF Haiti Iguanas & Frogs
  Bahamas Golden Girls relay team
2000 Bahamas Co-ops Souvenir sheet
  Mauritius Achivements
  British Antarctic Territory Antarctic Symphony
  WWF Nepal fdc's Rhinosoraus
  Montserrat 100th Birthday of Queen Mother
  Belize 50th Anniversary of the Peoples Party
  Bahamas Humane Society
  Cayman Islands Old Time Christmas
  WWF Zebras
2001 Jersey Clowns
  St Helena Age of Victoria
  Tristan da Chuna Age of Victoria
  Ascension Island Age of Victoria
  Falkland Islands Age of Victoria
  Seychelles Milestones
  WWF Sao Tome Olive Ridleys Turtles
  BritishVirgin Islands Nobel Prize
  WWF Palestine Houbara Bustard
  Beleize 20th Anniversary of independence
  WWF Sao Tome Turtles fdc
  WWF Moldovia Corncrakes
  Jamaica Christmas
  British Antarctic Territory CCAMLR
  Mauritius 10th Anniversary of the republic
2002 Jersey Poster Art
  St Helena 500th Anniversary
  Jamaica Royal Visit
  Tristan da Cunha Fish
  WWF Palestine Houbara Bustard fdc
  Mauritius Southern Constellations
  Belize Orchids
  Cayman Islands Aviation Authority
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